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Bacnet Couldnt fetch objects

Been having an issue, where i cant read bacnet from Yabe. The BMS system as well dont get fresh data. 
This project has been running smooth for months now. But now sometimes the objects dont show on bacnet. 

Logic machine seems to be working fine. Mosaic as well.

No errors from error log as well. 
Restarting the LM solves the problem, before problem returns. 

Any things to test? Or is the fault to generic.

Lm5 Lite (i.MX6)
sw 20200720.

Maybe you have same like here
After testing via Wireshark i am not that sure. 

When using CFC from Siemens i get "Process fault" and "Unreliable other". When testing via Yabe at the same time, no connection is possible to the LM5. 
After a little while it might go back working again. Before it all happens again. 

Everything looks ok at the LM5 at the same time, and no problem entering it. Attached also system load, i guess this shows that the bacnet process is running.


Check that BACnet process is still running after you get an error in Siemens software. It's possible that the BACnet server crashes and is restarted automatically after a short while. Can you provide a WireShark dump via PM when you get an error in Siemens software?
Strange thing is that using filter udp.port==0xBAC0 in wireshark is that the only line is see it this:

If  i do a filter using ip i see the mulitcast traffic. And these requests;

But i was wondering why there are not more traffic. I would think like on multicast values are updated and sent onto bacnet and would be visible in wireshark. 

Bacnet process seems active in system load all the time
PID 1123 CPU 0,20% and mem around 3,01 mb.
You can also put "bacnet" into filter to show all BACnet messages. Can you send me the dump file via PM?
(12.01.2021, 12:41)admin Wrote: You can also put "bacnet" into filter to show all BACnet messages. Can you send me the dump file via PM?

Message sent

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