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Mondbus and Inverter

I have a problem with Modbus and SIEMENS V20 Inverter, I have 6 inverters address from 1 to 6, it happens to me that if I have modbus errors, I can no longer even drive the other inverters, indeed those present start and stop by themselves, from what can it depend?
I mapped the registers of the inverters in virtual objects in order not to overload the BIS KNX.
I directly use the addresses from some scrips for the command, and display some parameters.

I need help

thanks a lot
What errors do you have?
(15.01.2021, 10:52)Daniel. Wrote: What errors do you have?

Simply the inverters present do what they want and start and stop by themselves, I cannot drive them, what with only the inverters present does not happen and everything works, my problem if in the event of an inverter failure and related errors on the bus everything begins to do what he wants.

Do you have any errors in modbus?
(15.01.2021, 12:50)Daniel. Wrote: Do you have any errors in modbus?

OK if I configure the inverters that are not present at the moment, I have communication errors on the bus, but I expected the existing ones to continue to work well.
In LogicMachine, under modbus tab, there is button Error log. What errors do you have there.
(15.01.2021, 13:30)Daniel. Wrote: In LogicMachine, under modbus tab, there is button Error log. What errors do you have there.

AEREO 7.1 (slave 1) and 7.2 (slave 2) are connected and configured with mapping, when I configure AEREO 8.1 and the map (not connected), the others that previously went no longer go
Which FW is this?
(15.01.2021, 13:57)Daniel. Wrote: Which FW is this?

Is an Wiser I.mx28 fw 2.51
from schneider
Can we get remote access? Send via PM if yes.
(15.01.2021, 14:06)Daniel. Wrote: Can we get remote access? Send via PM if yes.

Hi Daniel

Done as suggested now of the modbus I also have the status, which was not present before, but the problem persists if I map a slave not present, all the other slaves also crash.
May it helps: I currently have 6 Modbus connections running (TCP/IP by CAT 7 the network switches accordenly). I Could solve the same problem by the pollinterval since only two device connections are necessary every 5 seconds. First one fails and after about 5 hours it will by even not more possible to loog into the LM. Some pollintervals i set to 300 seconds some to 10 .... Everything has been wonderful since then. It always faild by the conections with 6 and more linked objects per divice. So may is also a god idear to think about whitch parameters are really needed to set into a object often. Even to add an Device twice is possibel so a few datas can by checked and setet into an object every 5 secondes and the other datas on the same device can by checked just ever 500 seconds since they are just informations how anyway will not change that often....

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