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https function
i make dynamic function to call https command and to add headers like the below,

function Https_message(method, url, payload, add_headers) --method is "POST", "GET" "PUT" etc

htps = require("ssl.https")
msg_response = {}
hders = {} 
  if payload or add_headers then
    if payload then
    hders = { ["Accept"] = "*/*",
          ["Content-Type"] = "application/json",
          ["Content-Length"] = #payload,
          ['Host']  = ip..':'..port}
      hders = { ["Accept"] = "*/*", ["Content-Type"] = "application/json", ['Host']  = ip..':'..port}
    if add_headers then
  for k, v in pairs(add_headers) do
    hders[k] = v
local res, err, res_headers, status = htps.request
    url = url,
    method = method,
    protocol = 'tlsv12',
    headers = hders,
    verify = "none",
  source = ltn12.source.string(payload),        
  sink = ltn12.sink.table(msg_response)
  return msg_response, err, res_headers

My problem is, if i call get command like
local msg_response, err, Https_message('GET',, nil, nil)
log(msg_response, err)
with var payload set to nil, the msg_response var returns nil,
i think because, source = ltn12.source.string(payload) would be nil

2 Questions
1- Is the ltn12.source tied together with the ltn12.sink if the source var is present?
2- How can i ignore the ltn12.source if function payload var is set to nil?
Do not set the source if payload is not provided:
local source

if payload then
  source = ltn12.source.string(payload)


local res, err, res_headers, status = htps.request({
  source = source, -- source will be nil if payload is not provided

There's another issue with your code when payload or add_headers are set: ip/port variables are not set, so the function call will produce an error. You can use socket.url to parse the url into parts:

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