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Adding many LM in Cloud

I have a question regarding cloud and LM devices. I don't have experience to LM and now I am trying to learn it, and I don't know if there is any post like this.
So, if I made many installations of LM devices for several different customers, is it possibe to have them in one cloud Account or I have to create many accounts depending the number of customers and LMs ? 
Also the important thing is that each customer must have access to cloud for controlling (not managing) his own LM device and not for other's customers LM devices.
So, I will be as an administrator for viewing and managing all LM devices and the users will have access only to their own device and only for controlling their house or building via KNX (We don't want to have access for managing their own LM device of course like an admin)

Is this possible or not?

Thank you in advance
This is what the permissions are for. In current cloud you can do it but Smile We just started beta testing of new cloud which will replace current at some point, probably in two years time(old will be phased out). In new cloud you can also do the same but for now we are limiting amount of LMs per user to 5 for now. This means you as admin under single account will have 5LMs and any numbers of users per individual LM.
Thank you for your reply. Now I have 2 LM that having the old Cloud App. They will transfered to the new Cloud or I have to do it manually in some way?
Also how I blocked the user for not seen the Management menu of each LM? I have to create Users with Passwords for giving them access to the Cloud via each LM ?
We could do some partial porting but there still will be manual work required.
You will have to create a new account and sync Mosaic 3.0 config to the cloud. This is very simple to do. This will only allow remote control but not commissioning. For commissioning you can use ZeroTier which acts a virtual network switch between LMs and your PC. Keep in mind that if you put several devices into a ZeroTier network then all devices can access each other. So it is recommended to create a separate network for each installation.

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