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LM For Hotel Installation
I have a few questions on how we can use the LM and install it on a KNX hotel.
For example lets say that we have a project hotel with 30 rooms. All rooms have seperate Electrical Panel with KNX devices for the control of Lighting , shutters, VRVs . Is it possible to have one LM for all rooms or we have to install one LM per room? The customers must have access via mobile phone to the room that is rent for them to switch lights controlling VRVs , play music maybe with a Sonos speaker (with restrictions for volume) etc. Also inside each room there will be a card holder but also a motion detector to detect even if someone forgot his card on the card holder and he is out of the room, then via the sensor room will ''understand'' and getting to a different scenario like switching off lights , VRVs getting into Off mode etc.
We want when the customer makes the check the systems will generate a code or a QR code that will give him access to the room via his smartphone or by using a card and with that way the room will be showing it to the system like an occupied room, and also when he makes the check out the room will automaticlly gets to the Off mode by switching everything Off.
What is the best way to do that and what access control we have to use for this? The customer needs something like an Electric keylock that can be used with the Card , or by a mobile phone (Bluetooth or wifi) maybe. 
Except rooms we have also common areas such as Restaurant, Bar , Pool, Parking etc. that will be controlled via KNX from the reception or fro the Technical Dept of the Hotel
Except KNX we have also some other protocols such as Dali, Modbus (for watching different things like solar panels, generators, pool Heat systems, Daikin systems, Smoke Detectors monitoring, Alarm for forced entry monitoring, CCTV system),etc.
For all the above we need one LM or we have to use one per room and another one for all the others systems? And if we need seperate LM devices is it possible to have also access to all and gettting the alarms the room's status (Do not Disturb, Make Up Room) etc?
Do you have any suggestions for all the above?
Thank you in advance
Take a look at our Reactor and CANx devices. Reactors have various on-board I/O which can be used instead of separate KNX sensors and actuators in each room. CANx provides a cost-effective replacement for common KNX devices. To ingrate each LM into a common network BACnet IP or KNX/IP can be used.
Hi and thank you for your answer. If I install one LM per room is it possible to make one visualization project and include it all inside , and getting the feedbacks of each room and also have the management of the system? Also what about integration with hotel management systems like Micros Fidelio etc?

Thank you in advance
everything is possible.
You can integrate hotel management system with 3rd party certified gateway, like Bacnet to Fidelio. Here is the list.
So LM5 exports needed objects to Bacnet and 3rd party gw takes over the relay race

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