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I am trying to configure the Alexa with LM to a new installation but I can't find the sync button to enable i on the Amazon Account. Where is it and what is the procedure I have to follow? I found the manual but I think its a little bit old

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Hi I can see all the steps and I amde it but I cannot find the Sync button inside alexas LM application as you can see in Capture 2. Where is it?

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Have you signed in? There's a link at the top right of the app.
I have another account for Cloud in Logic Machine and another account for Alexa. I had this Alexa account from the past and the logic machine Cloud is a new installation with another credentials

Yes I wasn't signhed in Sorry!
Thank you very much!
I want to ask what is the appropriate selection for controlling the shutters. Cause we have Up/Down - 1 bit, Stop-1bit , or we can use the % Up/Down 1byte selection with % Status -1byte.
I tested with the Alexa but in the first case I jave to say the command Turn On and then the shutters are going Down, when I say the command to Turn Off the shutters are going Up.
With the second selction , of 1 byte control the shutters seems not working properly.
Any ideas on how can I control shutters for Up/Down properly?

Thank you in advance!

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