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Zigbee gateway integration
(29.06.2022, 12:05)admin Wrote: We will take a look. The problem with measurements as there are two ways of doing this. Some devices claim to support both but only partially. Looks like this plug has the same issue.

Problem is solved with the latest zigbee update, values are shown correctly now.
(20.04.2022, 08:20)admin Wrote: We have fully working prototypes at the moment. Production devices should be ready in two months or so.

Hi, was wondering what the status was on the new zigbee usb devices.
I have now tested system with Aqara devices as well. 
Sonoff sockets gonna freeze overnight. Aqara ones will work as they should. This is probably Sonoff socket problem so I don't suggest to use these in future...

Yesterday there was active routes as well to reach Sonoff sockets but today they are dead. They start to work after hard reset. 

Here is signal strenght data (all sockets are placed on the same place):
Socket 1 and 2 are Sonoff, TV is Aqara.

Is there any solution to get signal strenght to group address?

Here is example after overnight period:
@tigi, new USB device is still in the works unfortunately. There will be an RS232 alternative as well and it might be ready sooner than USB.

@fleeceable, the network map might not show all active devices if they don't have a profile. Without a profile these devices do not periodically report their statuses so these devices are marked as offline. Signal/route information is not requested from such devices even though they can be actually online. You can try reading status manually via the UI then running network map again.
As I've mentioned before due to mesh network organization the signal strength is not really meaningful because it only provides info about the last hop.
I am working on with my own flutter app right now. Is there any way I can open network state via lua script?
I use LM as Zigbee, KNX, Modbus, Bacnet gateway. Would be good if I can get somehow list of Zigbee devices and open/close network to add some new devices. LM and app communicates over MQTT so I can send data to my app quite easily.

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