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Logicmachine as Home Energy Management System

We've been running is this issue quite a few times recently : PV-panels, battery, EV-charging point, lots of high electrical load applications (airco, heat-pump, cooking ovens, high power induction cooking stoves, ... and simply not enough power available to do it all at the same time.

For EV-charging points, Schneider has some software running on a Magelis to manage this but it's not really suitable (yet) to take into account battery charge, dynamic PV-panel energy production, kWh-prices,optimizing of self-consumption ...

It's a hot item and will become so even more and also for residential application but surprisingly, many manufacturer's don't have an out-of-the-box solution at hand or it proves to be incompatible with common modbus-rtu or tcp metering.

So, I was looking into modbus-tcp meters to drive modbus-tcp switches and some kind of server to handle the logic.
We could be going back to Gira Home Server or start prototyping with node-red and openhab to handle this but wait a minute...

Logicmachine can be a modbus master to receive meter input and can handle significant logic processing and can directly connect to KNX in order to have priority switching of powered applications... isn't that all we need?

Too bad I'm not good in programming...

So : any input / opinion on Logicmachine as a full-blown EMS (even when it takes a separate unit to just do that)?
@Openrb / Schneider : Any plans on taking this anywhere?
Any-one willing to take this on? (Schneider support would be very nice and maybe/probably they already have plans since there is clearly market demand and no affordable solution, but I'm willing to invest in this)

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