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I'm trying to use LM5 as Bacnet Server and I've a doubt.
Can LM5 act as BBMD? Or are the parameters inside "BACnet Setting" tab used to connect to a BBMD?

Which is the best way to communicate a Bacnet Server to a Bacnet Client when they are in different networks through a router?

Bacnet Client must have BBMD and LM can connect to it.
(30.04.2021, 15:11)Daniel. Wrote: Bacnet Client must have BBMD and LM can connect to it.

If the Client is on the WAN side of the router, is only one BBMD needed on WAN side?
I'm not the expert on this but I think yes.
You must see a BBMD as a tunnel between 2 BACnet networks, it takes a broadcast message from network 1 as unicast message and broadcast it on the secondary network again. Only ONE BBMD should be configured per TCP/IP subnet. I repeat ONLY ONE !  Just like KNX routers you can only have one tunnel between your 2 networks to avoid loops.

As you can see in this image you need a BBMD in each network, if you only have one BBMD you might want to register it as foreign device..

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