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Enocean Dongle
Hi there,
I have a LM5 Lite and I need to integrate Enocean product.

I have a USB dongle which I can connect directly to LM. But I would like to take the Enocean USB dongle out of electrical cabinet.

I could use a USB cable (2 meters) but the distance is about 5 meters.

Have you any other idea? What do you suggest please?


This issue explains a bit why we prefer the Zigbee technology (:

Longer range, well defined stack (standardized), self healing routering network, encryption and many more pro’s then Enocean. As for your DYI remark.. Zigbee is even used in industrial environments and is much more advanced then the Enocean protocol..

You could use an ENOCEAN Gateway USB Stick with SMA Port for EnOcean Module (amazon) together with a 5m cable and antenna (amazon)
Using it myself for sensors and some push buttons, the rest is knx. It works perfect.

A repeater can also be used, Eltako has such a device (amazon)

Such antenna's also exist for Zigbee sticks, however the zigbee usb stick for the logicmachine has no such port.
A pity imho, how great Zigbee may be it still can't penetrate through a metal cage.
I am using a usb shielded extension cable to bring the usb stick out of the metal cabinet.

If you intend on using Zigbee, beware of interference with your wifi signal if your AP is near the Zigbee usb stick since both use the same 2.4GHz band.
Normally Zigbee will take the hit but in my case wifi degraded. I had to place an extra AP to regain full wifi coverage around the house.

You don't have that problem with Enocean and Z-wave since both operate on a different wireless frequency.
The current ZigBee stick is mostly for testing. The final product will have an external antenna connection. As for Wi-Fi interference you can try switching to a different channel. Channel can also be changed for ZigBee but it might require to pair all devices again.

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