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Washer Control Samsung SmartHome

Has anyone experience regarding washer-controls. Samsung has an own Cloud-based service APP. But I would rather connect to LM4 (actually LM2), and thereby through KNX flash an inidcator when washing-cycle is finished, etc..
I do not like properitary systems like SamsungSmartHome. Do anyone know if it is possible to get data from the Washer IP-interface? And how to do this?
And I can not find any Washer on the marked with a KNX or other open interfaces..  Dodgy

Darth Paul

If your device does not have a published api, then try to intercept your mobile app communication through utilities like Fiddler (web debugging proxy) and check if it is based on some kind of http requests. In this case you can use LM to try to emulate your app for sending commands and receiving statuses.
As a poor man's solution for the end of washing cycle, you can install a power meter and monitor consumption values over time Smile

Create a account here and you get access to the JSON API ..


Erwin van der Zwart

I did this also for Nest Thermostat (restfull) and this is quite some work..


Erwin van der Zwart
Finally nailed this.

Using SAMSUNG / Smartthing API:

BUT, there is a problem.
For some stupid reason, using the API from LM5, or the native Smartphone Washer APP you need to remember to activate the APP-control-button manually on the Washer EVERY-time you want to use it.. 

So the table from WASHER is normally: NULL, Offline and nonresponsive for the Washer.
To log how many times you start the washer, how long it runs etc. do basically not work. 
You MUST always manually press 1 extra button. (try to make my wife do that just to make things "smarter"...    Tongue  )

If this is all Samsung Washer models or just mine, I cant tell, but a quick check on internet basically show me the Samsung SmartWasher is quite dumb.
Most “smart” devices are dumb, you could better say “connected” with the intention to collect data for the company that created it..

See Nest, just developed to get info on patterns how someone uses his house, robot cleaners that builds full geojson maps of your interior and the list goes on..

In my opinion a smart device must support you in the most efficient way, optimizes performance and energy usage and collaborate with other devices, we still have a long way to go.., but LM gives you tools to achieve a lot in that direction ..

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