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Copy value to another GA multiple times
Maybe someone can help me.

I have very much groupsadresses
what i want i have adres 63/1/1 till 63/1/28
i will copy the value of 63/1/1 to 63/1/2 and 63/1/2 to 63/1/3 and so go on till 63/1/28
and the same thing for 63/2/1 till 63/2/28

at the moment i did it like
Elektra_Verbruik_week0maandag = grp.getvalue('63/1/3')
grp.update('63/1/4', Elektra_Verbruik_week0maandag)
Elektra_Verbruik_week0maandag = grp.getvalue('63/1/2')
grp.update('63/1/3', Elektra_Verbruik_week0maandag)
Elektra_Verbruik_week0maandag = grp.getvalue('63/1/1')
grp.update('63/1/2', Elektra_Verbruik_week0maandag)

end so on untill 63/1/28
My question is, is there a more easy way to do this?
This can be done with a loop in a descending order:
prefix = '63/1/'
for i = 28, 2, -1 do
  value = grp.getvalue(prefix .. (i - 1))
  grp.update(prefix .. i, value)
Thanks Admin, this is working perfect to me

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