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CANx DALI update - Minimum arc value option added
As requested by our users we've added a new option - Minimum arc value.

Why is this option needed?
DALI ballasts have two properties - physical minimum and settable minimum. This minimum value dictates the lowest possible brightness that the ballast can produce. This means that the range between 1 and minimum produces the same brightness value. We've implemented an option so the whole control range can be used.

How does this option work?
This option scales non-zero control and status arc values from the standard 1..254 range to minimum..254 range. For example, if you set the minimum arc value to 120 then sending 1% will produce 120 arc value; sending 50% will produce 120 + (254 - 120) * 50% = 187; sending 100% will produce 254 (maximum arc value). Sending 0% will turn the ballast off no matter what the minimum setting is. The status value is calculated in reverse. Due to rounding errors the status value can have a ┬▒1 difference with the control value. It is recommend to set the minimum arc value to the same value as ballast actual physical minimum.

For this to work you need to update both CANx and CANx DALI apps from the store.


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