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Sound and control
When my house renovation is done I will install a LogicMachine Re:actor V3 but I am getting curious about your Amati.linea Streaming Player and I have a few questions I hope you can answer for me?

How good is the sound? How dose it compare to a mid range stereo receiver (€500)?

If I have two Amati.linea Streaming Player can these be made to play in sync? If yes how is this achieved and controlled?
I found the HTTP command in your forum but I did not find an absolute volume command (only vol-up and vol-down). Is it possible to set an absolute value (percent or decibel) over http?

Are you planing to add any music streaming services like spotify connect, Deezer ect.?
Sound: our vision is that amplifier must be "transparent". It should able to reproduce the sound as close as possible to the original source. The signal is fully digital right to the amplifier front-end. This guarantees very low noise and distortion levels.

Sync: we have master-slave ability but it's not perfectly in sync. Accurate sync will be possible with new CPU model that is already available for new LM’s. Currently, several players must be configured so they can access same remote files from FTP, NAS etc. Then one master player tells slaves which track to play.

Remote commands: you can set volume in [0..100] range with “set_vol” command. Give us some time, we will provide full command reference. Basically, everything that can be done through the web interface, can be done via HTTP API.

We have plans to add streaming services.

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