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How to connect analog/digital input
I have a waterguard which have sensors that shuts off the main valve into the house in case of a water leak. This unit also have alarm relay outputs which is not more than NO or NC switches. So when there is a leak the NC or NO switches changes state.

I want to use this to control a KNX actuator and was thinking that I could use my LM Reactor v3 to do this.

The question is how do I do this? Do I need a pull up/down resistor of some sort on the input? Digital or analog? And how do I set it up in the reactor?
If it's a relay output then you can simply connect +24V there. Binary input (or analog input in binary mode) will send 1 when there's voltage detected. An external pull-up resistor is needed for open collector (open drain) outputs.
Thank you, I managed to get it right. Now I have made an object of type 001 switch that is linked to the input and it turns on and off when the state changes.

Can I use this object directly on the actuator in ETS or do I have to script something to trigger it?
Script is not needed. Use a normal (not virtual) object and make sure that "Write to bus" option is enabled.

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