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Solis inverter for solar panels
Has anyone made script for connecting to Solis inverter via API?

Attached the api manual.

I know the inverter can be accessed via modbus rtu but cannot do that and the solis cloud at the same time so I would like to only get this via api.

Attached Files
.pdf   SolisCloud API 1.0.8 (1).pdf (Size: 435.42 KB / Downloads: 10)
Try this, change key_id/key_secret as needed. request function accepts two parameters - request URI (starting with /v1/api/...) and request body (either a table which is converted to JSON or a string which is sent as is).
The calculated signature differs from documented example even though it is calculated the same way. Might be an error in the documentation.

host = ''
key_id = '2424'
key_secret = '6680182547'

function request(uri, body)
  local method = 'POST'

  if type(body) ~= 'string' then
    body = json.encode(body)

  local content_md5 = encdec.md5(body, true)
  content_md5 = encdec.base64enc(content_md5)

  local content_type = 'application/json'
  local date ='!%a, %d %b %Y %X GMT')
  local sign = method .. '\n' ..
    content_md5 .. '\n' ..
    content_type .. '\n' ..
    date .. '\n' ..

  sign = encdec.hmacsha1(sign, key_secret, true)

  local url = host .. uri
  local auth = 'API ' .. key_id .. ':' .. encdec.base64enc(sign)

  local headers = {
    ['Content-MD5'] = content_md5,
    ['Content-Type'] = content_type,
    ['Date'] = date,
    ['Authorization'] = auth,
    ['Content-Length'] = #body,

  local resp = {}

  local res, code = socket.http.request({
    url = url,
    method = method,
    source = ltn12.source.string(body),
    sink = ltn12.sink.table(resp),
    headers = headers

  if res and code == 200 then
    return table.concat(resp)
    return nil, code

res, err = request('/v1/api/userStationList', { userId = '1145611319416590338' })
log(res, err)
Thanks. Will try this

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