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BACnet device behavior

Today I've encountered a strange behavior with AHU BACnet device. From LM5 BACnet client app scan tool it finds device, but when I press on it - sometimes it finds objects, sometimes - not, for example - if I refresh the objects page - sometimes there could be 2 objects, next time its 10 objects and sometimes no objects at all. Secondly, when I try to assign a group address to an object, it sometimes says that there is no such object with such ID and device ID, which is logical, because it doesn't find all the objects all the time. I have never experienced such issues with other BACnet devices that I've encountered. Maybe someone has some ideas on what to try to make it work? I also attach device BACnet settings below. The system consists of a PLC and a BACnet IP translator, in my understanding PLC is communicating with the translator via BACnet MS/TP and then the translator, which is connected to the network is translating messages to BACnet IP.

[Image: Screenshot-2022-07-14-202259.png]
Did you try scanning with different bacnet client?
You can try using our script client
Uninstall the app first.
This might be caused by the fact that MSTP is very slow. If the device does not respond quickly enough the scan procedure stops with a timeout error. Try doing as Daniel suggested.

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