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Zigbee communication level signal control

In Zigbee application is possible see device's communication level signal. But it is not possible to attach to groups. If device is lost, it is not possible to catch this moment.

is it possible somehow control communication level signal over script or add it to application? With battery low level and battery status all is clear..

If this is not possible, how better control device presence - create timer and control change of received data?    


If you have low signal levels you can place a permanently powered device somewhere in between LM and sensors. It will act a router/repeater. Keep in mind that the signal level is only for the last hop. ZigBee is a mesh network so the data can pass multiple hops. The latest ZigBee app can show the network map with signal levels between nodes.
For monitoring you can use group address updatetime property and the current time (os.time()) to calculate when it was last updated.

thank you for explanation. May be possible to receive or download latest zigbee.apk? I use SpaceLynk and in shop app is absent Sad


You can add device signal level to group address when you use script.
Residental script -> Sleep interval 0 
if not zb then
  zb = require('applibs.zigbee')
  zb.addcallback('04cf8cdf3c79d40c', function(msg)
      log('zigbee device link quality : ' .. msg.linkquality*100/255)

Here is documentation about that:
Thank you,

super info!!


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