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Data conversion (zwave app related)
In my zwave app i connect a groupaddress to write and read the setpoint temp (4 bytes).

But my visualisation software (domovea) needs a 2 byte 9.001 datatype.

How to convert this data on a gentle way?

I have
4/5/1 setpoint temp to_from zwave (4 byte)
4/5/2 setpoint temp to_from domovea (2 byte)

I can make two event scripts:
on 4/5/1: grp.write('4/5/2', event.getvalue())

on 4/5/2: grp.write('4/5/1', event.getvalue())

But then i get a continues loop of writes.

How to make it possible that i can set my setpoint in domovea and in the termostat (over zwave)?
Have a look at event.sender variable, it should be different when event comes from a script or an app.
I agree with admin you should look at events and sender. It makes a huge difference from where the comes from. events coming from script are different from those coming from app. It is also necessary to check whether data provided is accurate otherwise the output will not be as desired. Make sure you use latest versions of app or software. Hope it was helpful.

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