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Hi Admin,

I have several zigbee2mqtt coordinators, I want to connect them to 2 LMs, I want to be able to add devices to the network. Coordinator are whith Lan from texas instruments and chip cc2652p. Can you help me integrate them to LM?
Third-party ZigBee dongles are not supported by LM.
(17.03.2023, 07:18)admin Wrote: Third-party ZigBee dongles are not supported by LM.

I understand that you want to sell your devices, but this is not about a USB dongle, but about a LAN coordinator. There is no way to connect a USB device because I need it for an office, where the electrical panel is far from the place where it is good to place the device together with the antenna. The other reason is that it needs to span two floors, and as far as I know LM only supports 1 dongle.
Our zigbee interface is RS232 not usb
(17.03.2023, 17:40)Daniel Wrote: Our zigbee interface is RS232 not usb

Can it be put more than 15 meters away from LM?
No, RS232 is specified to a max cable length of 50ft/15m, but why is that needed? The power of Zigbee is mesh networking do just make sure to have a router device in range of the RS232 gateway.
A large distance is needed because the electrical panels where the LM needs to be placed are two floors down from where I need the zigbee. The reason I need two zigbee coordinators is that the devices are a little over 300. A zigbee coordinator with a cc2652p chip supports up to 200 devices. The devices are divided into two separate floors, so I want to put on each floor 1 zigbee coordinator with a different zigbee network and unite them in LM with a LAN network, since they must have a connection and perform a common logic. This connection is possible and tested by me with Home Assistsnt, but LM for me is a much more professional and stable solution than HA and that's why I want to do the project with LM. If a script connection with these coordinators is not possible with LM, apparently my only solution will be with Home Assistsnt.
LAN coordinators are not supported at the moment. We also don't plan to support multiple coordinators per LM.

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