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No HTTP respond
New findings.

I tried to change the device address in the KNX settings from 15/15/255 to 1/1/30. Did a reboot and when it came up again the http server is not working again. The rest seems to work.

Should I get the new card and flash it with the recovery image? And then run a restore when I get it up and running?

Is there something I can do to stop this from happening in the future. I am thinking of maybe login through ssh or telnet and restart the http server?
In did it sound strange. If I were you I would replace the card anyway just to make sure that if this happens next time you will be sure that the problem is elsewhere.
(06.12.2016, 17:33)mlaudren Wrote: Corruption data is very unlikely to happened, the only thing that came to my mind will be data loss if you have trends. I think it's 5min between saves on the memory.

I had a corrupt sd-card after a power off, of the whole building.
card wasn't working anymore, and I had to make a new card and set backup, back to the Wiser (LM).
now it works again.
I dont have trends so I dont loose anything other then my scripts and objects that I have made myself.

It actually managed to reboot once today and the http server started up again. This was after trying to change the address in knx connections but the change didnt stick. It was still 15.15.255 after reboot. Still the old card though.

I have made the new card with recovery image for my cpu now, and will try this to see what happens.
Managed to fix it with new card, recovery image and firmware from 20170620. After that a bit of struggling but finally it came up and everything went fine. Upgraded to 20200720 after that.

Hopefully it will be ok from now on.

What I do not have is my scripts and I am reluctant to restore from backup since I am now on newer firmware. I have saved copies from all of my scripts and I will add them manually.

Looks good now and hopefully it will be in the future

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