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zwave remove broken device
How to remove a included faulty zwave device?

I have a zwave motion sensor, device 17, included in my lm4.
Now its broken, so i can't exclude them.

How to remove them from my zwave app? It gives always status: active, so i did not have a X to remove them.
In the interface's device list there is a delete/cross icon on the right side of the inactive devices.
(13.12.2016, 10:26)edgars Wrote: In the interface's device list there is a delete/cross icon on the right side of the inactive devices.

Yes, but it show Always active and thats not right. So i don't have a delete/cross icon.
up Smile
should be fixed by end of this day and the app will will be updated in the store Wink
thanks for report!
I see a new version of the zwave app, updated, but without X for removing my device. Or switches the device to inactive after some time?
Hello admin, can you please look to my problem again, its not solved. After the last zwave update another motion sensor is stopped working.

This device has also state active and is not updated. I want to remove these devices, but i can't, because active device can't be removed. But how can a battery sensor has the state active?

I send you also a email because these sensors are used by our heating system.
Hi Gert,
can you please send me log file and node_id of sensor which isn't marked as failed.

If USB stick is not able to communicate with sensor for some time, it marks it as failed and it can be removed then after some time. As I understood here plenty of time has passed already. We need to understand what is this sensor's status on USB stick. If USB sticks knows this sensor and doesn't count it as failed, it wouldn't help much by removing it from our DB - after each restart it will appear again.

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