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Anyone connected a Neato?
Has anyone connected a Neato D5 Connected?

Goal: is to schedule my Neato cleaning jobs by my LM4.
There are some ready-made libraries in other languages. You can either try rewriting them in Lua or use your own server as a transport between LM and Neato cloud.
I see now there's a offical sdk and api. But only a sdk for ios, android and js on

Quote:You are now ready to start writing code using our SDKs or the API. The SDKs are very conveninent and they also automate the OAuth flow. Should you opt to use the API, you will need to implement the OAuth flow in your application. You might want to read the official OAuth 2.0 documentation as well to learn more about this protocol.

But is this possible in the LM?
It depends, most OAuth flows are meant for user apps with UI where the end user can provide username/password. Basically, their API are just HTTP requests, the only tricky part is to get the auth token.
I'll try to connect the Neato developers.

Because it looks like you need a gui, because i have to specify a returning url:
The Cloud services for the Neato products are provided through two main servers, Beehive and Nucleo.

Beehive is the provisioning API and OAuth server. It allows:
Users to login with OAuth.
See users' profiles.
Control users' robots.
Beehive documentation is available here.

Nucleo is the messaging bus server that allows users to interact with their connected robots. Every robot has an always-on connection to Nucleo, so that they are ready to react instantly to commands sent to them by applications.
Nucleo documentation is available here.

The Robot Remote Protocol
When sending commands to connected robots, Nucleo is just a proxy for JSON payloads. The content of the payload is defined in the Robot Remote Protocol, defined here.

Attached Files
.pdf   Neato Developer Network _ Beehive API.pdf (Size: 183.52 KB / Downloads: 25)
.pdf   Neato Developer Network _ Nucleo API.pdf (Size: 132.16 KB / Downloads: 15)
.pdf   Neato Developer Network _ Robot Remote Protocol.pdf (Size: 53.88 KB / Downloads: 13)
.pdf   Neato Developer Network _ Robot Remote Protocol format.pdf (Size: 260.92 KB / Downloads: 11)
.pdf   Neato Developer Network _ The OAuth Flow.pdf (Size: 158.12 KB / Downloads: 21)

I add the oauth flow pdf in previous message.

But how to do this in the lm?

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