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Mosaic 2.0 what's new
Thank you for updating me.
I've just assumed that FW 2.1.1 was the last FW update to spaceLYnk HW V.1 based on the illustration enclosed in the FW file. (looks like only one more update after FW 2.1.0 (N+1)).
But based on the information you have provided I can assume that we can expect several updates. :-)


N+1 is major release so 2.2.x would be last according the document (2.1.1 is minor release), but as Petr wrote, this was for decided for 2018 and after that nothing is decided yet. That’s why i said ‘at least 1’ is still coming (:



Today I found new Mosaic 2.0 update. Can you write here - what was changed?
2 Bugs were fixed:
- widgets generated by widget creator with numeric values were not working on cloud.
- Mosaic in app registration now redirect to cloud registration.
Nothing new in here but we do work on some very cool new features.
Answering question from here

Yes we have widget to send fixed value.

As the interest for the new upcoming Mosaic update gets high here are few screenshots of what is coming.

Attached Files Image(s)
What is this version called? I'm quite sure you can skip calling it 3.0, and just call it 4.0

Here are some Mosaic 3.0 ideas

Initial Mosaic concept was as follows: create visualization maximally fast using regular elements, with minimal customization possibility. It was especially adapted to usage in mobile devices. This approach have some drawbacks:
          a. Minimum customization possibility
          b. Complexity of customization through custom widgets
          c. Limited control elements

Basic concept of Mosaic 3.0: remove all drawbacks without losing possibility to create the visualization very fast. We have added:
          a. libraries of visual elements – icons, backgrounds
          b. customization possibility of ANY visual element
          c. auto-hide of over-sized widgets. E.g. if some widget doesn’t fit into current screen, it is hidden
          d. new controls like color picker, calendar picker etc. Now we support almost any possible  data input method both for mobile touch and mouse/keyboard input methods

Important change – widget factory. The idea: possibility to create a widget in any size (including full screen) and without borders. It looks as clear full screen visualization.
          a. in widget factory we have added all possible controls which was not present in previous Mosaic version
          b. each element / control can be fully customized
          c. possibility to use visual layers. You can create design in any external graphical system (including animation) and put it under the widget.  Rest of widget elements are used as overlay. This approach enables making widgets of any visual complexity
          d. one of key features of widget factory – any custom widget / element can be easily  exported/imported in the project - you can have a bundle of elements which you can use from project to project
          e. we have an idea to provide online widgets exchange service between users. There will be some basic widgets in widget repository made by ourselves. In your project you can install this widget with one-click. During import, all visual elements are intact. Further, there is a possibility in customization of any imported widget (open design)

Added Power BI functionality – concept of adding visual representation in customized widgets. We tried to implement different graphical representation similar to ones available in Microsoft Power BI. Graph generation can be done using any random data-set – internal or external. We have added couple of templates for usage with LogicMachine data, this allow generating data (encoded in JSON) using internal object values or external data-sets.

Added support of SVG with JavaScript. This makes it possible to include an interface which  is fully controllable with JavaScript  (for advanced users)
This looks god. Will 3.0 be a seperate version, or is it possible to update 2.0 to 3.0 without having to do a fresh setup?
it will be an update. All previously done work in 2.0 will be saved.
Looks excellent !

Few questions regarding the widget creator of v3:
- does the text field for value of object now support all data types (mosaic 2 supports limited set of data types), mask for numbers (ie. 23.000.000,12 kWh), Without this I always am forced to make separate virtual objects to visualize object values...
- do you have a text entry field for an object? Without this I always need to make my own custom widgets

by when do you think to make
- new mosaic 3 app Public available?
- new zwave app public available?

Is the firmware update linked ?
- if so when do you have the final version available?

Looks like christmas is comming soon, can’t sleep till then :-)
Another question, will mosaic 3 support other languages like Dutch or french?
once we will have the final feature-freeze in English version we will have a template file which can be translated to any language.
Perfect, any hint of timing?

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