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EnOcean problem - AlexLV - 06.07.2019


where could be the problem? EnOcean switch mapped, when I press buttons groups change it statuss in objects but nothing more going on...



RE: EnOcean problem - admin - 08.07.2019

Which button profile have you selected? Have you tried all of them?

Another thing that can happen is that if you have a single button rocker it's possible to mount it upside down.

RE: EnOcean problem - AlexLV - 08.07.2019

I have switch with 4 buttons, and for that I also selected 4-button device (only one available from selection).

What can I check more??



RE: EnOcean problem - admin - 09.07.2019

I've tested it and it works correctly. By default it will work in On/Off mode. Pressing a button will send 1, releasing it will send 0. Try enabling Toggle option for each button.

RE: EnOcean problem - AlexLV - 13.07.2019

Hi. Problem finally solved.

At first I assign EnOcean keys to groups which was used, and I think problem is there.. I created new groups, assign EnOcean and created scripts to new groups. Now all works fine.