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Scene APP/Scene config - GIA - 15.01.2021


Can anone explain how the scene manager and the scene config app is intended to work? Big Grin
I am thinking, that the intension is that this should work outside the scenes in configurator...? 

well.... I have tried to figured it out, but cant get the KNX objects in the [color=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.87)]Sequence properties....to show...[/color]

Not sure this is a easy appfor dummies....

Thinking if wanted to sell the house...well, god luck without a system integrator for a easy task.. (should be easy at least)

SE- Is it possible to get this made easy??

GIA Big Grin

RE: Scene APP/Scene config - Erwin van der Zwart - 15.01.2021


You need to open the scene config, click on the plus sign to add allowed objects, this opens a dialog and click on the text “object”, you can type the group address / name or select an object from the list.

The allowed objects can now be used within the various scenes you can create in the scene app.