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New Alexa - Daniel - 29.03.2022

New Alexa is live
The new version is using our new cloud, additionally we added new skill for the blinds. You can ask to Open/Close or Set to level. You can also ask Alexa, Is the 'blind name' open?

To use new skill you must update firmware and use New Alexa app from our store.  You also must use new cloud https://remote.logicmachine.net/user  for the account linking. The old user will not work, new must be created.

How to use new cloud can be seen here:

The old Skill has been changed to Hidden state. It means that existing users can still keep using it as long no changes will be needed. Once account linking will be needed then new app and new cloud must be used.  We will close down old Cloud at some point so we strongly recommend to all customers to port to new cloud. The old cloud will be phased out due to security concerns.

RE: New Alexa - jmir - 04.04.2022

Hi, I've some questions about this:
  - When updating from old version to new one, all devices and skills are mantained?
  - Alexa app configuration is stored inse a project backup? If not how can we backup it?


RE: New Alexa - admin - 04.04.2022

Skills are maintained but the structure is changed so it won't be possible to use this configuration with the old app. All app configuration is included in the backup.

RE: New Alexa - Daniel - 04.04.2022

From old app to new configuration will be preserved.

RE: New Alexa - jmir - 04.04.2022

Ok, thanks!

RE: New Alexa - davidchispas - 04.04.2022

The configuration is kept in the new version. You will also have to search the Alexa app (amazon) for the LogicMachine Skill for the new Cloud and perform the device search. In my case, I have had some problems with thermostat type devices, having to remove them and search for them again.

RE: New Alexa - Muetzli - 15.05.2022


I think alexa can drive the blinds up and down, but only with englisch keywords "up" and "down", not with a german voice command "auf", "runter", "hoch" or "zu".
Is there a possible command list available? And a logic table for it? I think the commands for up and down are inverted in my case Sad

In my case is a blind with a value of 100% fully closed and 0% is complete opened.

Best regards,

RE: New Alexa - Daniel - 16.05.2022

The problem here is that Amazon never created command for blinds and we created it manually by using semantics. Most likely they do not translate such commands. I'm not sure if we can do anything here. The blind works as you need, 0 is open and 100 is closed.

RE: New Alexa - Sral1987 - 18.05.2022

When you use the German Language you have to say "öffnen" and "schließen".

At the Beginning of the new skill i allso struggled with the commands.

RE: New Alexa - iridium - 18.05.2022

With the new APP, if I uninstall and install the Logic Machine skill, will I have the duplicate devices in the Alexa APP?

If I have to do a search for devices and they are duplicated, the routines won't work, right?


RE: New Alexa - Daniel - 18.05.2022

Yes, you must delete the duplicate ones in Alexa app or on the amazon website.