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High CPU Load - khalil - 02.06.2022

I have a high CPU Load. I look at the commands in processes app and there is a command KNX backend which loading the SL
What could be the issue.

RE: High CPU Load - admin - 02.06.2022

Check KNX TP and IP load. You might have a loop somewhere which causes a lot of traffic.

RE: High CPU Load - khalil - 02.06.2022

Thanks Admin
Here is the knx statistics screen shot.
I have IP Routers 
also I have two SL but they are not connected to the same TP

RE: High CPU Load - admin - 03.06.2022

Do you have KNX/IP filtering enabled? Maybe there are many message on the IP backbone? If messages are filtered they won't appear in the statistics but might cause high CPU load.
Disable KNX/IP features and check if the load is still high. Then you can switch from KNX/TP to IP mode temporarily to check if KNX/TP is at fault.