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All DALIs in one address

I need help with the internal DALI GW..

I have over 40 DALIs connected to the LogicMachine, I ran a Full Scan and discovered them all without assigning the addresses.. 
I did a full search again but with the DALIs powered off (didnt realized they were off) and now only shows 1 device, Device 63, which are all devices together, and I can't reassign the individual addresses..

Can you tell me how can I reset the addreses of the DALIs? with RAW commands? 

Thank you.
What DALI ballasts do you have ?
This one.

TCi Mini Jolly DALI 0-20w LED.

All lights have the same ballast
This one ?
Address 63 is set before LM begins device addressing. You can run it again. Addresses can be set from a script but only one device can be connected to LM at a time because broadcast messaging is used.
If you are running firmware from 2018, you need to manually update dali package for addressing to work. Which HW version are you using?
I am running 2018 FW, tried to update DALI but only installed the genohm-scada-dali
which is the one I found on the Downloads..

didn't see the deamon...

finaly solved the issue borrowing a DALI GW from another site, and did the addressing with it, once done, the LM is working great. (I was in a very big rush...)

so, for the dali to work wich packages do I install?
This package is for new CPU (LM5 power models):
Thank you.. I will try this in other installations I have with DALI..

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