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LM software roadmap
(23.07.2018, 10:50)admin Wrote: Can you give some more detail in what kind of functionality are you missing?
  • As I requested before is Schedulers function right inside the Mosaic widgets.
  • Routines. Timers. Customizable global schedulers. (Current Shedulers app is not what I mean, check Philips Hue app it is more user-friendly).
  • Custom scenarios. For example let user create, modify his own scenarios.
  • Let user to rename, drag and drop widgets not from admin-panel.
  • Widget grouping or turn on/off button for the whole room. It would be pretty interesting function if "turning on/off room" will mean the scenario which user can modify.
  • UI - flexible grid. Other aspects like colors or fonts are not so important.
  • UX - pop-up alerts if no connection, fast reconnection when network is available same with little pop-up alert.
  • UX - idk, but sometimes it difficult to click on bulb the right way and I must click 3-10 times to turn on lights (it's on iPhone, safary. Maybe anywhere else this issue is not present).
  • LM app with cloud is still beta? It looks little horrible =)
  • Little thing: LM app links for me goes to Mosaic app directly, it is very comfortable to use this way. But I loose voice command functionality and thats why I need create 2 links to my LM: one link to Mosaic for comfort, the second link directly to LM to use voice command.
There are some little things and maybe something else, but I can't remember right now.

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