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Modbus TCP connection datakom d-200 mk2
Seems to be a networking issue of some kind. Try running the same script with debug mode enabled and post what you get in Logs tab.
if not mb then
  mb = luamodbus.tcp()

  mb:open('', 502)

  res, err = mb:connect()
  if res then
    buffer = {}
      buffer[ #buffer + 1 ] = msg
    log('modbus connect failed ' .. tostring(err))
    mb = nil

if mb then
  reg10240, reg10241, reg10242, reg10243, reg10244, reg10245, reg10246, reg10247 = mb:readregisters(10240, 8)
  if reg10240 then
    mains_l1_voltage = reg10240 / 10
    mains_l2_voltage = reg10242 / 10
    mains_l3_voltage = reg10244 / 10
    genset_l1_voltage = reg10246 / 10
    log('voltage values', mains_l1_voltage, mains_l2_voltage, mains_l3_voltage, genset_l1_voltage)
    buffer = {}
    log('modbus read failed ' .. tostring(reg10241))
    mb = nil

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