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Difference between PMC and DW1

LM5 PMC have a 320mA Choke

LM5 DW1 have DALI and 1-Wire.

Is that all the difference between these 2 models?

I can't see a USB port on the picture of the DW1, but it it says in the papers that there is a USB port somewhere. Is that correct?

Hi Kai!
right, thats the only differences. Both have USB. The concept of LM5 is to use LM5 Lite as a base board (on all devices the same) + add different extensions like Choke or 2xDali/2x1Wire or Reactors. And Choke can do actually more than 320mA, it should be close to what you supply the device with, but not more than 750mA.
Good information Smile

But with that in mind, i do have one followup question. Why do you say that the Choke only supports 320mA, when it can handle up to 750mA?

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