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Load controller the LM5-way!
This week I got very useful help with collecting information from Nordpool. This site (Nordpool) will be, as I can understand, leading information about Norwegian energy prices from 1.1.2019. We now have collected this information and can use it both on KNX and in logging as shown in this thread:

The next step is now to use this information to something good and that is of course to save power in form of a load control. Which part of the installation that should be shut down is a eternal discussion, so I think the optional load control should have different data types on the output. Makes the function more complex, but much better. 

I think the main options in a good load controller should be like this:
  • 1 input with 2 byte float for prices in the actual currency
  • 1 input with 2 byte float for price threshold for the load controller
  • 1 input with 4 byte float for power consumption
  • 1 input with 4 byte float for power consumption threshold for the load controller
  • 1 input with 1 bit for manual lock/unlock the load control
  • 10 outputs in form of 1 bit on/off (both normal and inverted), 1 byte for % or HVAC mode, 2 byte float for setpoint and scene object
The main idea with the 10 outputs is to have a priority and the load controller will shut down or disconnect the loads from first priority to the last priority.

I do not have the plan 100% how it should be, but maybe there are wise people in here that got any ideas both how the scripting should be done and how the load controller should work?

I thought my idea in my last thread was only a dream but was proved incorrect, so maybe it can happen again? Smile

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