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FBEditor diagrams sorting

How is actually diagrams sorted in the attached picture? It's not alfabeticaly, and not chronologically.


There is no rule Wink
Sorting is done via lua table based on key ID which is not visible by user.
Things to improve in the future.
Good to know. Maybe in the future. I have plans on making possible 100 diagrams, and it would have been nice to sort alfabetically. Maybe have the possibility to search in the list to.

That beeing said, is it possible for me in the meantime to change the lua key ID on the diagrams without screwing up the entire system?

Why do you need 100 diagrams? maybe script would simplify it better?
No i am not into scripting, but maybe i should look into it someday  Smile I have done some minor VBA coding in Excel, but thats another language  Rolleyes

I generally like the idea of using blocks so that i can print out pdf of the logic for documentation on jobbs.

And when make a good working block logic, it is often somthing i can copy up with "save as file" and "load as file" i FbEditor.
Like in my house i have 18 roms, and when i make a logic, i copy i 18 times.
If i make 5 small logics for 18 rooms, i will get 90 diagrams.
BTW. Each diagram is generating script or several scripts which you can then look at. As a first step in to scripts you can check what you actually did Smile
With TAGs most of the time we can combine lot of scripts in to one. If you have just 5 types of logic it could end up in 5 scripts Smile
This all depend of what you are doing.
Interesting. Yes i will check out what i made and the tags, and then see if i get the big picture  Smile

Keep in mind that those scripts use functions that are not visible, so it might be hard to understand what the script realy does..


Yes i can understand that. I probably won't be an scripting expert this year


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