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Automatic triggering in KNX bus
Using LM4 here, done integration and programming with KNX bus. But, when using from touch visualisation; at first time difference between triggering of events and clicking the action were 15-20 seconds . Then, one of the light circuit started automatically with 100% and 20% sometimes; which was then stuck into infinite loop until KNX TP was removed from LM4. What could be the issue here?
Check that you don't have scripts which are causing infinite loops. Do you have any other KNX/IP routers/gateways connected to the same KNX/TP line as your LM4?
No scripts.
But other KNX/IP router was connected to same KNX/TP line. After disconnecting it, touch visualisation was smooth.
Thank you.
How KNX can be connected to LM-Ambient?
As it works as KNX/IP router, so how it communicates with KNX TP lines?
You can use any KNX/TP router/gateway or LM4. For gateway you can set Ambient to connect to it via tunneling, otherwise it will use routing and should work without any extra configuration.

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