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Javascript ? Iframe ? Parameters how to
In the visualiser I can create a frame, and supply a url, and it will display that lovely page. However I can only supply a URL - I cant pass any other paramaters with it...

I have tried CSS to change and limit what gets displayed in this frame - but of course Id love to get rid of those scroll bars - but you cant do that through CSS (and I have read nearly every post on this board - wow so many knowledgeable people! and Admin is just a master in how quickly he turns around code!)

If I write the following in notepad, save it as a html - its exactly what I want - it displays in the web browser perfectly... And as so many posts mention - this hardware is simply nothing more than a web browser - so I am expecting somehow to do exactly what I have here!

<div style="overflow: hidden; margin-top: -274px; margin-left:-31;">
<iframe src="" scrolling="no" height="784"width="538" frameBorder="0">

so I have really two questions - and they may be related... As I can only input the url in visualiser and it wont allow other items - how can you supply paramaters like the above ?  Yes I can do height, width in css - but not enough to get rid of those pesky scrollbars

Given the html code above works - how could I write a javascript to display this on a screen (can I do it that way ?) - please explain with detail on what I would need to do as I am still learning (I know how to code - I just mean what / where in using this product.  ie. I have borrowed the wonderful script from this site to return you back to the main menu- and loaded that into my system and it worked first go! So Im technical - just learning this product!)

Look forward to solving this issue somehow - its plagued me for over 6 months - and nobody had the knowledge locally to even help me a little !!! No I have discovered this site - I am amazed of all the knowledge that is out there !!! I am in love with it all... and cant stop reading post after post after post!

Thanks in advance - hoping there is a simple solution!
You can access any HTML properties from custom JavaScript (Scripting > Tools > Edit custom JavaScript).

$(function() {
  $('iframe').prop('scrolling', 'no');

You might have to use additional classes and change the selector if you have have several iframes and you need to disable scrollbars only on one of them.
I currently don't have any other iframes - so not worried about setting up classes as yet...

But I must be dumb... I added the code into JavaScript Scripting, saved it.
Went and refreshed the visualisation through a browser - and it still allows the scrolling....

Then I thought maybe that $('iframe') is the class name - so on the iframe object I placed iframe into the additional classes field and tried again - still no change...

As this is the first time I have tried using classes - maybe I need a little more info on what I am doing wrong (but I so excited to know that once I get this working it will open up the world to me!)
You have to enable Persistent mode for this iframe. Keep in mind that custom JS does not work in editor only in user view.
I feel like I must be a pain to you - but I am only trying to learn a little (sorry)… But still not working...

Visualisation.png shows the visualisation page - have the URL, have persistent ticked (Good pickup I didn't have that, now I recall reading about that in other posts) - the iframe is saved like that...    

JScript.png shows the javascript from your post above.    

And result.png shows the web page - and the scroll bars - which you are able to use to scroll around...    

I have nothing in CSS anymore - just trying to get the javascript to work first before playing around...

What am I doing wrong...
Your custom JS is incorrect, it's different from my code.
I was playing around... trying all sorts of things... experimenting - nothing was working... then I got the message to make it persistent... Which I did - but I stooooopidly did not change the code back to the way you said... argg… I am foolish !

You are spot on - it works beautifully... I LOVE IT !!

Coming from a Clipsal Mk II Touch screen - I have been very disappointed in what I could achieve - BUT NOW my eyes are opening up and can see how much power this has.... All a learning curve

But how can I thank you so much for this.... Please tell your manager another happy visitor here is very impressed with your knowledge, expertise AND patience!

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