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What is lib.js.gz and core.js.gz
Please explain for what is lib.js.gz and core.js.gz from /scada/resources/..?
Can I include lib.js.gz in my custom app I need some functions from this script?

PS. What mean Scada?
You can include them but there's no guarantee that it will work as there might be some dependencies. Which functions do you want to use in your app?
At the moment:
1. Scada.reqUrl
2. Scada.decodeGroupAddress
3. Scada.dt
4. Scada.normalizeDt
What kind of functionality do you need in your app? If you want to monitor object value changes have a look at this thread:
I need simple select box with object values, and in this scripts are some useful functions.
You should use localbus from apps as I've suggested earlier. It has data type list localbus.dt, address decoding localbus.decodega() etc.

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