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ekey fsx App
The new "ekey fsx" App is available for download at the Appstore:

This application can be used 
- to integrate ekey FSX scanners into the LogicMachine environment as KNX sensors (to monitor fingerprints / RFID cards / binary inputs) or as KNX actuators (to control scanner's on-board relay and scanner's LED lights)
- to act as functional alternative to traditional biometric ekey access control solution 'ekey net' or 'ekey home' with multiple extra functions:
       attached ekey scanners can be configured, operated and monitored online using this app
       - can be registered max. 200 fingerprints
       can connect up to 8  ekey fingerprint scanners to a single LogicMachine RS485 port or to a ekey USB converter;
       can hold internal user credentials (fingerprints and RFID cards) in a database;
       can use LogicMachine lua scripts for functions not included into web application user interface.

The App user manual can be downloaded :

The ekey FSX fingerprint scanners should be registered with a Access code to enable full functionality of the App.
* Please note, the "Access code" price is extra 40 Eur for each ekey FSX scanner! 
My company also sell the ekey FSX scanners for the same price value as an equivalent ekey home type scanner from 
In this case the Access code price is included in the ordered scanner price.
The registered users can order scanners with discount (see attached price list).


The new "ekey FSX" app version available for download:

The new separate "ekey TA" app with a simple “Time attendance” functionality

The user manual for both apps :

New release candidate ekey FSX app version available for dowload:

The new ekey FSX app version 20200120 is available for download.

Changes from previous v.20191202:
- new entry point for admin user (In the tab "Scanners": extra <Start>, <Stop> daemon commands)
- serial communication stability improvements
- resolved: after new app installation automatically not found the active RS485 serial port
- resolved: the uncorrect "access error: Possible manipulation of access ...  "  event
- new service commands for scanner fingerprints managment:
      1) Clean the scanner fingerprint/RFID memory:
      2) Copy the fingerprints from the internal database to selected scanner
      3) Copy the fingerprints from the selected scanner to internal database

Known errors v.20191202:
1.  After new ekey fsx app installation not automatically found the serial port to which scanners are connected.
The correct RS485 port alternatively can be assigned manually with LM Lua script, using this pattern:
              storage.set("app:ekey:port", '/dev/RS485-2')

02.12.2019: The ekey FSX app version 20191202 is available for download.
User manual:

Attached Files
.pdf   ekey FSX prices Y2019.pdf (Size: 268.46 KB / Downloads: 66)
.pdf   ekey FSX prices Y2020.pdf (Size: 199.1 KB / Downloads: 51)
This is a really nice app for the Ekey finger scanners that Agris made.
We used it for a couple of projects already and have to say that it is working very well.
So we can recommend this app in combination with the FSX scanners of Ekey.
New release candidate ekey FSX app version available for dowload:
New functionality:
1. In the app is added a new tab "Attendance"
2. For User and Scanner records ir added new checkbox "is Time attendance" (TA)
3. the logic to register new TA event:
- The Scanner and the User must be enabled for TA event (User . TA = ' enabled' and Scanner.TA = ' enabled' )
- Time attendance event for every User has 2 directions: registration 'IN' or 'OUT'
registration event 'IN' happens when last attendance record is registered as OUT or not exist, and registration 'OUT' happens when last attendance record is registered as 'IN' .
The scanner after successful registration will show the attendance event direction with short LED lights
- for IN event, the scanner left LED will shortly will show the green colour 0.5s impuls
- for OUT event, the scanner right LED will shortly will show the red colour 0.5s impuls
There is implemented one automatic OUT event Time correction = to its corresponding ' IN ' Event Time , if after the OUT event in time period for the same User in period 1 min is recorder next IN Event. In this case the OUT record has specific "clock" icon in the field "Event time" .
The new "ekey FSX" app version available for download:

The new separate "ekey TA" app with a simple “Time attendance” functionality

The user manual for both apps :

New functionality:
1. New filter field "Period" is added to tab "Logs"
2. the tab "Attendance" is transfred to the new "ekey TA" app

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