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grafana panels do not display correctly in iframe

I wanted to add some fancy graphs that I generate in grafana based on Logic Machine data but ran into some issue.
When the graph is loaded for the first time in a LM panel, some sort of scrollbar is shown:

When I then manually refresh the frame it is shown correctly:

I've tested this also with a simple webpage with an iframe and there the graph is correctly displayed from the start. Also in the visualization editor in user mode the graph is displayed correctly.

Then panel size in grafana for this graph is 393x230. I tried with various sizes of the iframe in LM, but this makes no difference.
I can of course set a refresh interval on the iframe in LM and that works also but that does not eliminate the fact that each time I go to the LM panel I get the image with the scrollbar and besides that this causes a redraw of the graph which is unpleasant...
Firmware version 20160714.

Any idea what might be going on?
Upgrade firmware and disable "persistent mode" for frame and see if it helps.
(17.12.2019, 11:13)admin Wrote: Upgrade firmware and disable "persistent mode" for frame and see if it helps.

At the moment I can't upgrade...
Will try later.

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