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Camera integration to LM visualization problem

Usually I can dig through the problems but this time I need your help guys.
I have Synology NVR and Hikvison cameras. I have tried two scenarios to show cameras in visualisation. 

1) I used second mjpeg stream from hik cameras but it works only once when I click camera icon. Popup will occure and I see picture. When I close camera stream and open it again - blank picture. I know that hik supports one client on one stream. Looks like visualisation doesn't end the sream when I close camera popup. After page refresh it will only works again once.

2) I have used synology Surveillance Station api but looks like api sid will expire and stream is not working. What is interesting part is that one stream will work after days, other camera links are broken. 

In system I have 5 cameras. 

LM Version: 20190904

Do you have any ideas what to try or solution for that?


you can read some info at forum. For me Hik is working without any problems in Mozilla. Chrome not working. At leas you can read this:

Also, if interesting, you can show any value from LM as metadata in Hik videostream (like camera name and data you see when watching your live video or record..)


Visualization is shown on iPads so the browser what is used is Safari. Tested with firefox ios app but still no success. (both hik sub-stream and synology api)
I probably have read all post in this forum what is related with cameras but no success.

This is what I found from inspect element side, file attached.

Attached Files Image(s)

Just check is your cam configured correctly? Try to open in Mozilla browser link below, just check is it working at all.. (By the way link to open video can differ for your camera - you should check it..).


For me works only in Mozilla (I have old enough camera). H264/H265 and+ as second stream not supported by browsers.. Can you write model of cameras you use??


Forget basic authentication in URL. This will never work again in any modern browser (except Firefox).
Look for the syntax described here (for Hikvision):
LM5Lp, firmware: 2018.08.22, FlashSYS v2, ARMv7 Processor rev 5 (v7l), kernel 4.4.151
These screenshots are when I try to get stream from Synology NVR. Looks like they will not support multiple streams or something.
I can get sub-stream from hikvision. My client have iPads and they are using safari browser. Tested with iframe and it works (when leaving page and come again, I can see the picture). When I'm using camera module (inside logic) then I can see picture only once. I need to make page refresh to see it again.

Probably will create 5 different stream page and use popup to show these pages when camera icon is pressed. Quite ugly solution but best working what i've found so far.

Tested BASE64 type login but not working for me. Will dig deeper web to see why.

My camera model: DS-2CD2T63G0-I8 and DS-2CD2063G0.
What I did and it works : created another page and used iframe. When you press cam icon it redirects to camera (iframe) page. Going back and press again, still loads mjpeg stream.
Works in Safari (iPad)

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