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Monitoring Ness/ELK Alarm Zone Status

We run a Ness (aka ELK) DX16X alarm here which as an IP connection.  The status reporting and control protocol is documented at the following link

I can find integrations using this protocol for other platforms such as the following  and but nothing for LogicMachine as yet.

I've started writing a script to connect the the system and can receive data ok, but need some help with getting the specific info and processing the responses in LUA.

socket = require("socket").tcp()
  socket:connect('', 2401)
  socket:send(command .. '\n')
  res = socket:receive('*l')
  log('\nNESSCommand: ' .. command .. '\nNESSResponse : ' .. res)

Initially I'm interested in mapping the state of each zone back to objects in Logic Machine (after sending a status update command) from a resident script but haven't been able to figure out the protocol as yet.

Does anyone have a script that can do this?   Initially the is the info that I'm keen to track

0/210/1  Sealed/Unsealed state of Zone 1
0/210/2  Sealed/Unsealed state of Zone 2
0/210/3  Sealed/Unsealed state of Zone 3
0/210/4  Sealed/Unsealed state of Zone 4
0/210/5  Sealed/Unsealed state of Zone 5
0/210/6  Sealed/Unsealed state of Zone 6
0/210/7  Sealed/Unsealed state of Zone 7
0/210/8  Sealed/Unsealed state of Zone 8
0/210/9  Sealed/Unsealed state of Zone 9
0/210/10  Sealed/Unsealed state of Zone 10
0/210/11  Sealed/Unsealed state of Zone 11
0/210/12  Sealed/Unsealed state of Zone 12
0/210/13  Sealed/Unsealed state of Zone 13
0/210/14  Sealed/Unsealed state of Zone 14
0/210/15  Sealed/Unsealed state of Zone 15
0/210/16  Sealed/Unsealed state of Zone 26

and also the overall state of the alarm

0/210/20  All Zones Ok - true/false
0/210/30  Armed State - Disarmed (0), Fully armed (1), Partially armed (2)
0/210/40  Alarm Sounding - true/false

Many thanks in advance

Kind Regards
The protocol is rather simple, here's a starter example that you can use to decode data further:
res = socket:receive('*l')
if res then
  data = lmcore.hextostr(res, true)
  st, addr, len, cmd, event, id, area = data:byte(1, 7)
  log(st, addr, len, cmd, event, id, area)

Note that the logged event number will be in decimal whereas it is written in hexadecimal in the protocol description.
Many thanks for the starter example. I'm still struggling a bit.

Here's an example of the data I'm receiving with the above after connecting to the alarm panel

* arg: 1
* number: 135
* arg: 2
* number: 0
* arg: 3
* number: 131
* arg: 4
* number: 97
* arg: 5
* number: 1
* arg: 6
* number: 7
* arg: 7
* number: 0

Am I correct in my interpretation that this would map to a sensor in zone / 1D 7 being triggered (event id = 1)?

Also how would I formulate an input command to retrieve the status of all 16 zones to update the group addresses in LM?

Many thanks in advance

Kind Regards

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