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Logic Machine wishlist
I think it is a good idea to create this list.

Firstly I want tell about my wish/idea:

- possibility to using in LM visualisation icons, background also from device. This would be very good because when I use some bigger images not .svg there are substantial delays. And I think it could help.
Or it could be some kind of App with responsive interface.
Do you mean that you want to load image from the device that is running visualization? It's possible in theory but there are a lot of limitations.

What kind of images do you have? Have you tried optimizing/compressing them or using other formats?
(11.03.2016, 08:51)admin Wrote: Do you mean that you want to load image from the device that is running visualization? It's possible in theory but there are a lot of limitations.

What kind of images do you have? Have you tried optimizing/compressing them or using other formats?

I've used a lot of .svg, but for backgrounds I am using .png or .jpeg. When I am using visualisation in LAN there is no problem but when I am using visualisation from outside via VPN or static external IP there are some delays.
Logic Machine is very good device. but something mis I think.

When I can wish something, than I whish to add all KNX datatypes and some active components for control with similar functionality like HW KNX push buttons/devices. Will by very nice have possibility to configure in touch all strip for controll, not (toggle or checbox) only. Plus: long+short push for jalusie, rising + falling behavior, ...

And once more whish: Much more visualization grafics = icons. More types of lights (ceiling, wall, floor, lamp in space), moving things (jalousies, shutters, window, rolley, ...)

In the upcomming FW (released soon) you can build the KNX button functions yourself.

See: for creating them.

There are other elements then the checbox, use 'show control" checkbox to have them in your visu.

Moving elements can be created by byte object and add different 'additional icons' on each value, this way you can create any 'flipbook' element...

You can also css nice graphics with @-webkit-keyframes on each state.

What KXN DPT's do you miss and what for? I only miss the 10 byte up till now..  


Erwin van der Zwart
(18.04.2016, 16:20)Erwin van der Zwart Wrote: Hello Erwin.

Many thanks for your answer.

About data types DPT: I am not sure, I miss humidity 2byte, but is it possible, that it was in WAGO...

Is it very nice message, that will add to LM components with functions like HW KNX devices. Description in the your link looks interresting.
I am experienced in KNX, but no in scripting or true programing ... and I hope, that LM will be more no-coder friendly. Blush

Many thanks for your good messages for me.

You can select just the 2 byte float object and add % as suffix 
to have humidity dpt. You can do extra rounding on visu object to round 
it to 65.3 % for example

I would advice to spend time to master some script as it gives you
the tool to create whatever you need.


(24.04.2016, 10:05)Erwin van der Zwart Wrote: Hi Erwin.

Thanks for your advices.

I remember one more wish:
- some tool or way which will keep filter tables in linie couplers in actualized states. Manually it is lots of work and when is LM on KNX area IP line, than it is more complicated. Some colleagues it do not do, and their coplers are full opened...

Have a nice day.
With mass edit you can easily add you objects to the filter.
We also created a xls macro where you can paste the content of the filter preview 
inside ETS and that creates output for filter at once.
Its not my file so i need to ask if i can share it. On the other hand if you can
build a vba macro its easy to create yourself (:
(25.04.2016, 15:46)Erwin van der Zwart Wrote: Hi,
yes, you are right. For people who know VBA, CCS, JAVA, ... coding/languages, yes. But for me with my "good Czenglisch" .. Sad

Now I have see on telegrams from meteo sensor and I see, that I was right. Logic Machine unfortunately don´t support many KNX datatypes. Like 9.004 lux, 9.005 speed (m/s), 9.028 speed(km/h), 9.006 pressure (Pa), 9.007humidity(%), ....
This is important, becouse than it will be easy automaticaly add right sufixes and other things, like interprets right values.

There's no point in including all sub-types which only differ by suffix/units. It will confuse most users and will create a mess in the UI as there are hundreds of these sub-types. You can set the suffix/units manually and you still have to do this if you import ESF from ETS, as ESF files does not have any data type info inside.

On the other hand, our guys are working on project file import from ETS5 where sub-types will be automatically converted to proper suffixes/units.
Hi Edgars,

A raw KNX dpt object would be welcome (:


In scripting you can use dt.raw (up to 14 bytes) or dt.text (up to 255 bytes) to send any kind of data.
It would be nice to have the possibility to set intervalls in the gauge and mark it with a color you choose. Then you could give an easy feedback to the user whether or not the measured value lies within an optimal intervall.
It would be perfect if in LM there could be possibility to add some predefined by myself complex groups of objects and backgrounds(~widgets) but no on the another widget but on the normal plan. This would make creating visualisation much faster and delete some part of work which is only clicking and clicking and change this time to developing new things...

And also very crucial from my point of view is text-alignment right, center, left which is visible in the visualisation editor(I know that there is possibility to change the text-alignment via Custom CSS, but this is not WYSIWYG solution which with text-alignment is very important). Maybe there is some option to change this...
Please add a straightforward SIP Intercom support in the new LM FW. As far as I have search up to now, I still haven't find any solid (not necessary easy) solution to integrate any well known SIP intercom in LM. By solid, I mean via an add-on package or app or special widget (either in the default visu or the Mosaic) etc, since all other relative bits-n-pieces I have found are more like "hints" on how, maybe, one can try to achieve such functionality rather than an out-of-the box Intercom support.

So far, I found:
  • example to display a cam's stream (only mjpeg not H.264) manually, or pop-up automatically via custom javascript (haven't tried yet) on the latest release candidate FW
  • example to enable a SIP server but for using Lynphone (an external 3rd party mobile app, not integrated in LM)
I haven't found:
  • how to enable bidirectional audio communication with a SIP intercom while viewing its stream
  • how to send special door open keystrokes (ok can maybe do this by a KNX actuator but why not use the intercom's door contact?)
A solid SIP intercom support is crucial AFAIK in order to use the LM as a one-stop solution.

Please correct me if I have missed any other relative examples or posts.
Thank you once more for your great support and efforts to make LM better
thank you very much for your request, we are already working on this with our engineers Smile
(20.07.2016, 10:19)edgars Wrote: thank you very much for your request, we are already working on this with our engineers Smile

Does this mean that we will have something in the upcoming final release of the current release candidate???? Exclamation
This would be awesome.... And worth the long waiting!! Smile
jetsetter, I suppose this will be available through a separate app and will not overlap with the final firmware release Smile
Please add multiple object selection mode in the visualisation painter. It really hurts to move all objects 10 pixels up. Additional function for multiselection like arrange, distribute, center etc would be great too.
LM5Lp, firmware: 2018.08.22, FlashSYS v2, ARMv7 Processor rev 5 (v7l), kernel 4.4.151

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