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HTTP Request with body
Hi everyone,

I'm doing a little script to make a post request to an API. The form that this request should take is attached in the image.

My code in LUA is:
require 'ltn12'
http = require('socket.http')

http.TIMEOUT = 5

local url = ''
local response_body = {}

local body, code, hdrs, stat = http.request

    url = url;
    method = "POST";
      headers =
        ["Content-Type"] = "application/json";

    sink = ltn12.sink.table(response_body);

log ( code, response_body)
* arg: 1
  * number: 500
* arg: 2
  * table:
    * string: {"errors":[{"error":"request malformed"}]}

I know I also have to enter a request body for the request to be complete, but when i try to enter it in the script i don't get any log. I've been looking in the help section of LUA, but i can't get it out. Somebody can help me?

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Here's an example i use for a Dutch weather API with JSON. This might help you.

city = 'Amsterdam' --Vul hier de plaatsnaam in.


data = ssl.https.request(''
datatable = json.pdecode(data)

datatable = datatable['liveweer'][1]

city = datatable.plaats
log('Plaats: '
You need to provide content-length header and source string (which can be empty). See this post for an example:

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