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Direct Input +/- Custom min max value
Hi all,

I have setpoint in inline mode like attachement. 
It's possible to customize with Custom Javascript minimum and maximum value according to an object KNX ?

I explain :
This is setpoint temperature. 
In winter, this setpoint is 21°C with offset +/-3°C (so minimum value 18 <> 24 maximum value).
In summer, this setpoint is different, (25°C) so the minimum and maximum value are not the same).
Moreover, the customer want to modifiy this offset.. So I have one virtual object for minimum value and one other for maximum value.


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Use this Custom JS, change addresses and additional class (setpoint in this example) as needed. Note that it will only work when "show control" is enabled.
$(function() {
  if (typeof grp != 'object') {

  var minobj = '32/1/5';
  var maxobj = '32/1/6';
  var el = $('.setpoint').find('.control-spinner');

  function setminmax() {
    var min = grp.getvalue(minobj);
    var max = grp.getvalue(maxobj);
    el.spinner('setoptions', min, max);

  grp.listen(minobj, setminmax);
  grp.listen(maxobj, setminmax);
Thank you for your help !

It's perfect !!

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