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Change shedulers from a script
For me also interesting for modifyin sheduler from script.

Or even better create and delete "dummy" holiday record - I use it for vocation usually and many my shedullers disabled for holidays mode. If it is possible I can create holiday record for arming alarm system, and delete it when I disarm alarm. This automatically can disable and enable many shedullers.
Hello admin;

We are interested in configuring the schedules already created remotely without accessing the schedule web server. One of the options in which a script is activated having previously sent the start parameters, end lag days or weeks we could do it but it seems that this way is not possible.
Searching the forum I have not found any other method or way to do it.

We are developing a project in which we will monitor and control 300 logic and will need to remotely modify about 18 schedules of each logic (not only activate and deactivate the schedules).

Thank you very much and any news is appreciated.

There's no ready-made solution for this. You can create a scheduled script that will retrieve data from a remote server or use MQTT as a data transport. In any case you would need to modify scheduler data and events using direct db queries.

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