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Get last 20 minutes average value of object

I would like to make a script to get the last 20 minutes average value of the solar brightness, I don't know if it is possible and how to do it.
 thinks it's possbile by getting the database datas but i don't know

If someone have the solution it will be helpfull Smile 

Log object you want the average from and use this script

logaddress = '1/2/0'
pastTime   = 1200  --in seconds

addr = grp.find(logaddress)
time= os.time() - pastTime

objects = db:getall('SELECT dataraw, logtime, datahex FROM objectlog WHERE address =' .. .. ' AND logtime >'.. time )

local result, count, value = 0, 0

    for _, objvalue in ipairs(objects) do
  value = busdatatype.decode(objvalue.datahex, addr.datatype)
      result = result + value
    count = count + 1

  if count > 0 then
    result = math.floor(result / count + 0.5)
Just make sure not to log too many objects as oldest logs are deleted periodically.
Thank you Daniel !

It's look like it doesn't return the average...

My object's datatype is a 2 byte floating point.

any idea ?
I updated the script to work with 2 byte float, You have to write value to the object after you start to log it.

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