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Day/Night astro object
Hi there,

I'm looking for an object to know if it's day or night based on the sunrise / sunset calculation of the LM to use in some scripts (or just the best way to do that).

Can you help me? Thanks in advance.
Hi alexll,

Now it possible to do easier than in mine variant. You need enter your site where device is located your coordinates, (Utilities --> Time and Date). Than sunrise and sunset times will be automatically calculated and available in scheduler. And in scheduler you can use as example sunrise time and add offset (+ or - time to switch on/off something)..

You can try to use part of my script Resident script, sleep 60 seconds):

time = os.time()
latitude = 52.879110 --Site Coordinates
longitude = 23.128610 --Site Coordinates
sunrise, sunset = rscalc(latitude, longitude)

sunrise_hour = math.floor(sunrise / 60)
sunrise_minute = sunrise % 60

sunset_hour = math.floor(sunset / 60)
sunset_minute = sunset % 60

sunrise_text = string.format('%02d:%02d', sunrise_hour, sunrise_minute)
sunset_text = string.format('%02d:%02d', sunset_hour, sunset_minute)
Day_Length = sunset - sunrise
Day_Length_hour = math.floor(Day_Length / 60)
Day_Length_minute = Day_Length % 60
Day_Length_text = string.format('%02d:%02d', Day_Length_hour, Day_Length_minute)
grp.update('33/1/20', Day_Length_text) -- Length of the day in text way. Put in your group
--log (Day_Length_hour)
--log (Day_Length_minute)
date ='*t')
now = date.hour * 60 + date.min
OutsideLightOn = sunset + 60 -- Time after one hour after sunset. You can change it...
OutsideLightOff = sunrise - 60 --Time one hour before sunrise. You can change it..
if now > OutsideLightOn then
  OutsideLightTxt = 'Outside Light is On' -- text status of outside lighting
  grp.update('33/1/11', 1) -- Switch On group of outside lighting
  grp.update('33/1/12', OutsideLightTxt) --Lighting status text way
if (now > (OutsideLightOff - 2) and now < OutsideLightOff) then
  OutsideLightTxt = 'Outside Light switched Off'
grp.update('33/1/11', 0) -- Switch off outside lighting
  grp.update('33/1/12', OutsideLightTxt) --Text wat status of lighting
-- from 0:00 to sunrise
if now < sunrise then
  daynight = 'Before sunrise (Night)'
-- from sunset to 23:59
elseif now > sunset then
  daynight = 'After sunset (Time till midnight)'
  daynight = 'Day'
Also you will have statuss - of the day time - Night, Day, ot time till midnight after sunset..


Thanks for the quick reply. I'm going to try that.

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