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Modbus TCP

I am trying to figure how to get data from my heat pump via modbus tcp.
I have connection with my device:

But is there some kind of tutorial how to read/write data from my device in LM?

I got a parameter list from Nibe, with all the objects.
See this thread:
(25.03.2021, 15:57)admin Wrote: See this thread:

I have seen this, but is it different between MODBUS TCP and RTU?
If registry are the same then you can use same profile. Delete this part "bus_address": "4/1/0",
(25.03.2021, 16:11)Daniel. Wrote: If registry are the same then you can use same profile. Delete this part "bus_address": "4/1/0",

Can you show me an script example how to read this value in LM?
Try this and please link the whole documentation next time. I've set the address to 0 as it looks like you need to subtract 1 from the documented address. Try setting it back to 1 if reading does not work. You will have to delete the device and create it again after uploading updated profile.
  "manufacturer": "NIBE Heat Pump",
  "description": "VVM S320 / S325",
  "mapping": [
      "name": "Outdoor temperature (BT1)",
      "bus_datatype": "float16",
      "datatype": "int16",
      "type": "inputregister",
      "address": 0,
      "value_multiplier": 0.1

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