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Touch/mosaic automation
Hello, I've been messing around with a SL and figured there has to be an easier way to create a building structure with all variables automatically via scripting.
Anyone have any ideas or examples on how I'd go about doing this?
I believe this is called mosaic in the LM.
The whole Mosaic config is stored as a single JSON variable in storage. The key is "mosaic30:config:0", it can be retrieved like this:
config = storage.exec('get', 'mosaic30:config:0')
For SE Touch it most likely will be mosaic:config:0
Thank you!
I believe I have what I need now.

Daniel was correct, it's mosaic:config:0, I assume I can write with storage.exec('put', 'mosaic:config:0')? with an extra variable where i put the new Json?
I also notice there's an UID, can this be anything for example test_1 and test_2, or is there a strict adherence to a system?
storage.exec('set', 'mosaic:config:0', config)

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