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Google Smart Home Assistant
A long waited Google assistant integration is finally here.
Our Action was certified last week, Google Home app is in our store and ready to go.  The configuration process is nearly the same as with Alexa only you must use new cloud. RC2 2021 or newer firmware only.

1. Install and configure Google Home app on Logic Machine.
2. Visit to register a cloud account
3. Create a network and copy the connection string.
4. Open LogicMachine Cloud app, enable connection, paste the string and save.
5. Sync each time change was made in Google Home app in Logic Machine.
6. Link the LogicMachine Action in the Google Home App, and log in with the same credentials of
Great work! I've quickly tested and found few issues that should be easy to fix:

1) For the curtain object, move direction is reversed. I.e. if i say "close curtain", it sends Open command to the Open/Close object in LM. Should be vice versa. Also i don't know if it's home assistant fault or not, but Curtain does not have graphics representation in google home, only generic icon which opens object properties.

2) I couldn't set up thermostat – selection filters what it seems to be 1 byte objects, but skips HVAC Mode (which are also 1 byte, but separate type). Without this object thermostat is inactive in Google Home. On the side note, i don't believe a lot of knx thermostats supports Off mode setting, so should be there separate setting for on/off and more advanced mapping within the integration? In case on/off object is not set up, integration should always supply ON state.
1. This is how google has defined it. If we change it then it will fail google test as they keep checking feedback. We will think about it. For the icons/control on google app, it is Google issue, they didn't implement most of devices yet. They do have this in roadmap but it may take them few months. The only thing what works is control via voice, google app is simply incomplete.
2. This should be possible to add. You can manually change for now DPT in in LM to 1Byte unsigned.
How the Thermostat works is again google definition. They probably fallowed Nest thermostat. There is also Temperature Control triat which does not need mode.
Each device has defined (by google) mandatory triat this is why one is always added but you can add more. You can for example use Refrigerator and call it your thermostat.

Thanks for the feedback. I'm not sure how Google's constraints is affecting this though. From my understanding there is a mapping between LM objects and traits. You should be free to implement your own converter logic to make it consistent, as I don't see myself or others redoing all curtains configurations and changing Mosaic widgets to work with inverted state just for this integration. In my opinion there should be converter within LM cloud that just does the conversion from trait states to KNX-defined states and vice versa, Google testing process does not need to fail on this check as feedback from converter should be consistent for Google on one side, and consistent for KNX on the other.

2) The same goes with thermostat. You're creating abstraction layer (not 1:1 value mapping) for KNX thermostats and just need to make it a bit more consistent.
I don't really want to change object type as I don't want to research what it will affect, I will probably wait for the fix. Also i just noticed that for some reason Mosaic2 settings are now broken - I cannot select HVAC mode object in the "mode" selection (for the same reason – filtered out), but previously created widget retained old connection with this object and still works, although its settings screen have empty field now. Mosaic3 don't have this problem but it seems it allows to choose almost any object except 1bit. Sad I haven't migrated interface to Mosaic3 as it seems a bit more buggy than version 2.

Back to the thermostat, I've followed your suggestion and created Control trait, but since i cannot remove default trait, it does not override thermostat UI (that is, UI is still non-functional). If i remove all settings in the default, the thermostat UI is just empty. And refrigerator UI doesn't have UI in GH yet Wink
I played a bit more with the thermostat and i think i see where it's going. I guess i need to create a proxy object for the mode with custom script to route correct values to the correct KNX objects as there's no 1:1 mapping with HVAC Mode.

Still looking forward for curtain fix though Wink
Lights work great, is there any solution for activating KNX scenes`?
I'm trying to set up a thermostat with only setpoint, current setpoint and actual temperature with the "temperature setting" trait.
Actual temperature works, and actual setpoint looks like it's read, but it is not possible to change setpoint, what other datapoint should this need to work`?

Best regards, Jørn.
In fact we didn't try google scenes. No idea if they work. To trigger LM/KNX Scene your best way is getting an ON/Off device and call it your scene. Then you should be able to say turn on scene X. If you need specific value then use virtual object and script.
Thermostat has mandatory object mode. you have to set the mode to heat or cool to be working otherwise setpoint is disabled(google thing) Optionally you can use Refrigerator device which also allows to change temp but has no mode there.

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